Keratin Treatments Services For Corona

Many people in Corona are torn between wishing that their hair was more manageable and hesitating to cause damage with traditional chemical hair relaxers. At Thairapy Salon & Blow Dry Bar, we have a solution for you! We are an expert full service salon that specializes in the careful application of keratin treatments. We are proud to have serviced many of the people of Corona, hope to continue to be a top choice for salon services. We believe that our dedication to quality, consistency and affordability for our clients is what has allowed us to be so successful for so long.

We know that with so many haircare treatments available on the market today, it can be overwhelming to choose the right treatment for you. That is why our trained and friendly professional hair care experts always schedule a one on one consultation either in person or by phone before any treatment is administered. This allows us to get to know your hair texture, maintenance routines and budget so as to come up with a perfect hair care solution for you.

Corona FAQ’s about Keratin Treatments

Here is a list of some of the most frequently asked questions we receive.

How much does a keratin treatment cost?

In keratin treatments generally cost anywhere between $250 and $450 depending on the length and density of your hair. Your personal hair care specialist will give you a quote for your hair after your hair care consultation.

What are the benefits of a keratin treatment?

A keratin treatment will greatly improve the manageability and smoothness of your hair. This means less time standing in front of the mirror trying to take unruly, frizzy hair. Another benefit is that keratin does not strip your hair of its natural protein meaning that you will benefit from your hair being more relaxed without all the excess damage. Lastly, after a keratin treatment, your hair will dry faster and stay smooth even during humid weather.

How long does a keratin treatment last for?

A keratin treatment will have you enjoying your manageable mane for up to three months.

Can a keratin treatment be done on color treated hair?

Yes, color treated hair can be treated with keratin as well.

Is there anything I should not do after receiving a keratin treatment?

After receiving your keratin treatment, we recommend that our Corona clients should not wash your hair for at least three days. This will ensure that the keratin formula has fully penetrated your hair. During these three days, you should also not place your hair behind your ears or in a ponytail since this may cause your hair to develop a kink. After three-four days, there should be no problems and you may wash and style as usual.

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To book an appointment for your keratin treatment or to speak with one of our hair care experts, call our salon today. We are eager to come up with the perfect solution for you so that you can stop fighting with your hair and begin enjoying it. Nothing makes us happier than seeing a satisfied client!